The "3 Pines Ranch"

Home of Shaboom, Trainman, and Freckles

Now let's stroll together down our little mountain road to our very special corner of my world where I share my home with Trainman and Freckles. We were married August 5, 1989, built our dream house, retired, and moved to our new life in June, 1994.
Our lives, our marriage, and our home are dedicated to God for His purposes.

Here we are! This is actually the back of the house that you see from the road as you drive up! The really beautiful huge windows and two decks are on the front of the house, where we can sit and look out at all of God's gorgeous trees and wildlife.

We named our hideaway "3 PINES" after the three baby pines that are faming this view of our house. They miraculously escaped the builder's bulldozer, so we immediately named them Tom, Dick and Harry, of course! What were then no more than 4 feet tall are now 30 feet tall and shooting skyward!

Come on up and visit us soon!!

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