My name is Freckles
This is my very own home page!

I am the Owner, Manager, and Trainer of Shaboom (she's my Mommy) and Trainman (he's my Daddy).

I am a pure-bred Beagle, a Lady in every respect although Mommy still calls me her "Baby Girl" (ugh), and I own a great big house up in the mountains in Virginia where we all live together. But first I want to tell you how we all got this way!

Once upon a time a long time ago (about 4-1/2 years in people-years), I was born on a farm to some guy who tried to force me to hunt rabbits. But I didn't think that was a very lady-like thing to do, so I refused. Well, this guy got mad at me and threw me into the County Dog Pound! WELL! Was I ever insulted!! There I was, only 10 years old (I mean 1-1/2, in people years you know), and facing a TERRIBLE future!
One day this lady and gentleman came to the Pound, so I did my best "beagle act"---I wagged my tail like crazy, I yipped, I gave them my best "soulful-eyes" look, I even whined a little bit. And guess what? They took me home!!!

Well, I peed and I pooped all over the place, and I claimed that house, everything in it, and of course everyone in it as my very own! Never did understand why Mommy and Daddy got so upset about my claim-stakes!! Of course, now I'm VERY prissy and particular about where I do what!!

I have to take one of them for a walk four times a day, so I take my Mommy out for about a mile in the early morning. I get to go down only the roads I want to go, and I just love to gallop uphill; but then I have to listen to her huffing and puffing, and complaining about her tired knees. Sheesh! At night, I take my Daddy out and go off into the dark woods and make him come in after me to untangle me from the trees. It makes me laugh when he falls down in the mud in the dark---boy, you should hear his language!

I LOVE to chase cats!
Especially my neighbor's cat!
He pees in my yard,
so I pee in his yard!

I must tell you that I have trained my Mommy and Daddy VERY well! I get my tummy scratched the very minute I roll over, and you should see me make my Daddy crawl underneath the diningroom table just to give me my favorite treats! He is hysterical! Oh, he huffs and puffs, too. Just can't imagine WHAT is wrong with these people!

I guard my house very well---I bark and warn my parents when a car even starts down our road! And I chase all the squirrels off the birdfeeders! Otherwise, I have my special nap-times, keeping my eye on both my parents, of course! Got to keep them in line, you know.


My Mommy's Kitchen (this is MY favorite, natch!!)
My Daddy's Home Page(Trainman)
The Dog Hause is really GREAT fun!
Beagles On The Web is a lot of fun, too!
Dog Talk Dog World Magazine, Info, Advice, even Chat!
Beagle Pics and Cute Story that I love


"I'm Duna, a female beagle aged one and a half, and my master/owner and friend---to whom I'm telling word after word what he must type in---is called José Luis, and we live in Valencia, Spain. it's such a different place from your Shenandoah Valley and River. Many times I"ve heard those names sung thanks to my proprietor's addiction to John Denver. We live in a flat near the seashore and he's a teacher in a Secondary School and he has created a website just for me ¡Guau! So that I want to say thanks you for your present on the web and to give you as well my e-site and my e-address in case you desire to visit it and know something about my doggie life"--Duna, the owner of José Luis
"I may be small but I RUN this joint!!!"---Rebel, owner of Cindi and Bill
"I am NOT just an accessory: I'm the MAIN attraction."---Daisy Mae, owner of Faye
"A treat in time prevents intimidation!" ---Freckles (me, I said that)
"I run the show at MY house, too!" ---Lady, owner of Lareine and Courier
"Disturb my nap, and I will disturb YOURS!" ---Mollie, owner of Galoti
"My name is Princess, and I AM one!" ---Princess, owner of Betty &Frank
"I might be a rottweiler, but I'm really a pussycat." ---Thor, owner of Tes & Rick
"How DARE you take the car out without me!!!" ---Freckles (I said that!)
"Thought for a while I was gonna get to keep my nuts but even I couldn't argue with the cancer probabilty statistics. Just to keep the record straight, my aim is sharp as ever - outside only of course. I included that little piece of info for all those "macho" men who are so sure they will experience 'phantom' pain. The whole thing was no big deal - snip, snip, nice long nap - the two-legged man of the house didn't feel a thing." --Buster, owner of Martha


Hey, lookee here what Buster sent me!!!

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