Louis Jourdan

I can't remember the first movie of Louis Jourdan's that I saw, but I know I fell in love immediately....back in my younger and "crush-able" days! So suave, so continental, so totally gorgeous!!

Some Background Info I found on the Net....

Born Louis Gendre on June 19, 1919, in Marseille, France. The son of a hotelman, he was educated in France, England, and Turkey, and received his dramatic training with Rene Simon at the Ecole Dramatique in Paris. His cultivated polish and uncommon good looks were ideal ingredients for a career in films, and following his screen debut in 1939 he played dashing young leads in a number of French romantic comedies and dramas. But his new career was soon interrupted by WW II. His father was arrested by the Gestapo, and Louis and his two brothers joined the Underground. After the war he was lured to Hollywood by David O. Selznick to appear in The Paradine Case (1948) and stayed to star in a number of films, most memorably as the object of Joan Fontaine's secret longings in Max Ophuls' Letter From an Unknown Woman (1948). His looks captivated the admiration of American female audiences, but the sameness of his roles in American and international films as an old-fashioned Continental lover a la Charles Boyer limited his range and hampered his career. Character roles later in his career eventually offered him a somewhat broader range.

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